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Ten Practical Security Steps
Protect Disk Shares

6. Do not allow any file system sharing protocols such as NFS, Netbios (SMB or Samba) or AppleShare in from or out to the Internet.

Firewalls discussed previously are the prime tool for accomplishing this. In many environments, some of these services are essential on the LAN and cannot be turned off but the firewall can and should keep them on your LAN.

If it is essential that you use one or more of these protocols with remote sites and you don't have dedicated WAN connections, then you must use Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. Get a knowledgeable security expert to set this up. Also be sure that any and all remote ends use firewall technology with rule sets comparable to yours. If they don't, then your VPN will become an intruder's highway right to your drives. All it does is add a few IP hops between them and you.

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