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An extended discussion of the problems solved building a third generation, large asssociation web site. Tight integration of the web site, member database and list servers are achieved. Granular security control is automaticaly derived from membership codes. Historical background is included.


This section discusses the ATLA's web site for which George Shaffer became responsible in February 1996. It covers major issues that were encountered as the web site evolved with an emphasis on the role that George Shaffer played in the development of the web site. Throughout this discussion, except where a capability is identified as having been inherited, George Shaffer both designed and implemented of all central database to web interfaces as well as all dynamic (scripted or programmed) content that is described related to ATLA's web sites.

Begining in late 1996 or early 1997, some Departments at ATLA began providing static HTML content for their areas of the web site. No department took any serious interest in any ATLA web site dynamic content until well into 1998 and it was not until mid 1999 that departments began to be routinely interested or involved in the development of content that one would expect to be associated with the Department. Department interest generally followed the creation of an online function that generated a significant amount of member participation. Thus, until early 1999, the design and functionality of nearly all online dynamic content was left to George Shaffer, depending only on the approval of his supervisor. Starting in 1999, ATLA's web sites started to see dynamic content that was being created at the behest of ATLA departments and member leaders, though some of these projects such as the public member directory, had been promoted by IT for almost three years.

The order of the sections is largely historical.

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