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Guide to Building an Association Web Site


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- Online Preamble

- Introduction

- Overview

- The Basics - Who Controls the Web Site?
  • Spin-Offs for Online Presence
  • Profit vs. Non Profit Goals
  • Association Like Conglomerate
  • Need for Branding
  • Departments Can't Control Look and Feel
  • Need for New Levels of Cooperation
  • Web Technician Has Veto Power
  • Web Director Reports to CEO, Runs Online Presence
- What Is Your Web Site's Purpose?
  • Branding and Name Recognition
  • Who Are Your Competitors
  • Surprise Competitors
  • An Alternate Means of Delivery
  • How to Profit from Online Content
  • Periodical Teasers as Membership Builder
  • Periodical Content as Public Education
  • Duplicate Public / Private Conent?
  • Online Directories
- Who Is Your Audience?
  • Diversity of Client Access
  • Business Hour Access?

- Are You Ready For Success?

- Security - Policies
  • Copyright and Terms of Use
    • Materials Contributed by Association Members
  • Privacy Policies
  • Access by the Handicapped
  • Electronic Contracts

- E-Commerce

- Communicating With Your Members - Bulk E-mail

- Collaboration Among Members
  • List Servers
  • Newsgroups
  • IRC
  • Web Based Forums

- Online Learning

- The Web Site as a Software System
  • The Myth of Electronic Publishing
  • The Software Life Cycle
  • The Web Site Under Constant Construction
  • The Need for Standards
  • Single Point Control
  • Transportable Web Sites
- Web Site Layout and Organization
  • Standard Page Components and Navigation Aids
  • Absolute, Site Relative and Relative Links
  • Cascading Style Sheets
- Development Strategies
  • Do-It-Yourself
    • CGI Performance Issues
    • New Language Tools
    • Tools for Creating Static Pages
    • Tools for Creating Dynamic Pages
  • Proprietary Management Tools
  • Microsoft
  • Server Side Java
- Platform Choices
  • Lowest TCO to Meet Needs
  • Intangibles
  • The Microsoft Monopoly
    • Increasing Windows Costs
    • Why Does It Matter?
    • OS and IE Commingling
  • Desktop Operating Systems
    • Desktop OS History
    • Today's Choices
      • .GIF Licensing
      • Don't Rock The Boat
      • Be Safe, Windows 2000
      • Be Bold, Standardize On Linux
  • Server Operating Systems
    • Use OpenBSD for Internet Servers
      • Most Secure OS
    • Of Open Systems, Linux Has Most Apps
    • FreeBSD?
    • Commercial Choices
      • Disillusioned With NT
        • Inherent Windows Problems
        • Monopoly Drives Bad Technical Decisions
    • Can't Generalize From Others Experience
    • OSs Complex
    • Lots of NT Experience
    • Other Experience Too
    • Multi Platform Experiment
    • Windows Runs Big 7 by 24 Hour Operations
    • Fortune 500 Web Servers
    • Associations Are Small
    • One Person Staff Associations
    • Windows Pricing History
    • Why Standardize
      • Windows Incomplete, Unix Complete
    • Windows Can't Scale?
    • Ease of Learning vs. Ease of Use
    • Top Talent Levels
    • 95% Windows Users
  • Middleware and Development Environments.

- In-House or Outsource

- What to Do With Your Present Site?

- Measuring Your Results

- Promoting Your Site

- Index

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